Founded in 1892, Excelsior Printing located in the beautiful Berkshires, MA. We honor our roots in traditional printing, while branching out to provide our customers a full range of marketing, distribution, print and digital communication services.  Since 2005, we have refocused ourselves to work closely with our customers’ business strategies, developing long-term relationships that lead to more effective and efficient strategic programs. We start by listening, and then bring many years of experience and skill to creatively solve problems and identify appropriate opportunities for our clients. Our mission is to build customized creative marketing, print and distribution programs that provide a competitive edge.

In 1969, Crane & Co. of Dalton, MA purchased Excelsior Printing Company in order to better support its premium stationery business. The resulting two divisions focused on personalized stationery services for department stores and high end retailers, and traditional printing customers. Both divisions grew and prospered into the 21st century, introducing new processes and services to better meet customer needs.

In 2005, David Crane approached Crane & Co. about buying the original Excelsior Printing Company. He had grown up in the Berkshires, had served as Excelsior’s president for several years in the early 1990’s, and knew its people and many of its customers. A deal was reached, with Crane & Co. retaining the personalized stationery division and David Crane buying the traditional printing group. With an experienced staff and a renewed entrepreneurial spirit, we built upon our traditions of quality and integrity, evolving to become a full service creative solutions company, known as Excelsior.

Then, in early 2015 with more change on the horizon and the need to service a broader spectrum of clientele, Excelsior Printing explored other avenues for growth. In June 2015, Excelsior Printing was acquired by Integrity Graphics, LLC., based out of Windsor, CT. Excelsior has since reemerged to become the fourth piece of the Integrity brand. Now part of one of the largest printing companies in the Northeast, Excelsior is equipped to handle an array of print, design and marketing requests.

With the acquisition complete, Excelsior is now able to handle a wide variety of print solutions from cutting edge digital technology to 40” offset production. This new venture has positioned Excelsior to better serve our clientele and offer production solutions that were not previously available.

With our storefront still situated in scenic North Adams, we continue to proudly work alongside both large and small businesses alike offering a plethora of print, design and marketing solutions to fit any budget. We look forward to continuing to serve the local community and beyond for many years to come.